Kick off the change you long for!

Going through a challenging phase in life can make you feel stuck, disconnected, or overwhelmed. To resist, hide, or fight against it can feel like paddeling against the current: there is no real headway and it costs you a lot of effort, time, and joy. Can you relate to this in some way?

What would you want, instead?! What do you aspire, dream of, or try to work towards? You are at choice to co-create a life you love, and enjoy, no matter what. 

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"Master your Mind and Empower your Heart!
You can co-create a life you love and lead in

a joyful, fulfilling and impactful way."
Iris Patricia Furer

INSIDEOUT Executive Coach

Master your Mind, Empower your Heart!

Hi, I am Iris Patricia Furer. My passion and expertise are to foster your mental and emotional agility, to assist you transform your life into one that makes your heart sing, again. I have been working as a transformational coach for more than 15 years and I support C-level executives and entrepreneurs on their path from an exhausting challenge towards a lighthearted, mindful living and being with clarity, courage and heart-centred commitment.

Benefits from Triple A - INSIDEOUT Approach

- You make peace with the past and regain your freedom and lightness.
- Your natural resilience, agility and joy in life improve.
- You walk your talk with focus, clarity, and in alignment with your core values.

- You use your talents and abilities in a purposeful and rewarding way.

- Your heart and being is open, receptive, and giving, in flow with life.

My Triple A - INSIDEOUT Approach helps you through any challenging transition or difficult phase in your life in a profoundly clearing, healing and empowering way. It takes you beyond where traditional coaching would stop: the emotional level.

A challenge you face, or a transition you find yourself in, can be e.g.:
- Professional reorientation / career step;
- Leadership / leadership development;
- Personal development / search for meaning / find fulfillment;

- Interpersonal challenges in relationships at work / in your private life;

- Stress, burnout;

- Resilience / flexibility / agility.

Over the many years working with coaching clients as Transformation coach I have accumulated a deep understanding of human ego patterns (enneagram based) and gained vast experience in the natural handling of emotions and feelings. This helps to release emotional blockages (unmet emotions), to change hindering behaviours, and to transform misconceptions about ourselves, at the core of the root cause.

Working with me will fundamentally change your old perception about yourself, your life, and the world around you. You will literally look at yourself with different and fresh eyes. You will recognize the lessons learned and take the blessings and the gifts they brought for your way forward. 

Result: a happy, energized and fulfilled you!

Petra S., Head of Global Marketing, Switzerland, shares:

"All sustainable success is built on personal performance.

I have got to know Iris as the catalyst to help me build this sound and stable basis for performing at my personal best, and in line with my best self.

Her unique talent in helping people dig as deep as needed into any issues or perceived barriers, and resurface same yet different, at the “next level”, helping people to access, unfold and live their personal potential is something that I greatly appreciate and admire."

Elizabeth, Policy and Public Affairs Executive, France/Canada, says:

"Iris has a gift of reaching our deeper selves. Her method is surprising. However, given recent learning on neuroscience and how the brain actually works, one can appreciate why this transformative approach is so impactful. 
She's helped me with a big life change, applying for leadership roles, and braving a new path in an uncertain time."

Taking your next step.

We meet & greet online and explore the options together, in a relaxed way. 

I am very much looking forward to meeting you :-) ! 

Iris Patricia Furer
INSIDEOUT Executive Coach